Investment Rate In Africa Higher From Emerging Markets

Investment Rate In Africa Higher From Emerging Markets

From Manica Post.

Emerging markets are investing in Africa at a higher rate than developed markets, according to a report in Manica Post.

Since 2007, the rate of foreign direct investment projects from emerging markets has grown by more than 21 percent compared to investment from developed markets, which grew by 8 percent, the report says.

Top contributors from emerging markets include India, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, China, Kenya, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and South Korea, all rated among the top 20 investors in the world over that period, according to a Southern Times Africa  report.

Intra-African investment during that period grew at 33 percent compounded, the report says. South Africa has been at the forefront of growth in intra-African trade but Kenya and Nigeria have also invested heavily and Angola is expected to become an increasingly prominent investor across the continent, the report says.

Among the star performers attracting growing numbers of projects are Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia Mozambique, Mauritius and South Africa.

Entities seeking to expand into Africa must consider regulatory hurdles that exist in countries where they hope to expand, says Justin Balkin with South African lawfirm Edward Nathan Sonnenbergs in a Lexis Nexis report.

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