VIDEO: Young, Black And Raising Capital In America. Remember This Face

Written by Anita Sanikop

What if you could pay for a coffee with your smile, or skip the line at the airport with a glance? What if your smartphone knew when you were lonely or frustrated?

Brian Brackeen is the founder of Kairos, a facial recognition company that is working with companies to change the way they interact with their employees, patients, and customers.

Taken in by an Amish foster family as a child, then raised by “two amazing parents in Philly,” Brackeen says people ask how he got into this business.

“Its a pivot on a pivot on a pivot,” he told

Kairos is the only facial biometrics company in the world offering both facial recognition and emotion analysis tools for developers.

“We capture decisive moments in people’s behavior to empower companies with meaningful metrics,” Brackeen said on his LinkedIn page. “At Kairos, we believe that data as we know it today is just the beginning for business intelligence. Our mission is to radically change how companies understand people.”

Kairos calls Miami home, “but everyone at Kairos is free to live and work wherever they want,” he told

In his role as CEO Brackeen has managed explosive growth at the firm, raising over $5 million in venture capital. He spends a lot of his time mentoring entrepreneurs.

“When you look at the percentage of Americans that are black versus the percentage of venture capital that goes to entrepreneurs, the disparity is clear,” he said. “While there are very few blacks in venture capital, there are a larger numbers in private equity, pension funds and hedge funds. I’d like to see those people do more.”

Brackeen talked to about what it’s like to be young, black and raising capital in America.