iNumber Number Movie Tells A Different South African Story

Written by Kevin Mwanza

South Africa movie industry is moving to change the perception of the country by shifting its focus from the old beaten road of apartheid and strife film year in year out, with player in the sector looking to replicate Nigeria’s Nollywood feat that saw it immensely contribute to the west Africa’s nation  rebased economy.

Famous movies from South Africa include Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom or the Oscar-winning Tsotsi all which are focused on the social strife of the former apartheid nation. But a new movie iNumber Number seeks to tell a different story.

iNumber Number is an action film about a straight cop who get pushed into life of crime by actions of his superiors. And as usual the movie is full of guns, explosion and car stunts enough to impress the Los Angeles-based production company, Wrekin Hill Entertainment, which plans to remake the film (likely with American stars). “I think it’s a first ever remake of a South African movie,” Donovan Marsh, the director and writer of the film, told OZY.