Climate Change Could Affect African Tourism

Climate Change Could Affect African Tourism

From All Africa.

Often ranking in the top 10 most visited destinations in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro will likely lose its glaciers completely by 2020 for the first time in more than 11,000 years.

Considered a time clock for global warming, Kilimanjaro’s glaciers and snow cover have been reduced by 80 percent, according to a report in All Africa.

Climate change is one of the key policy challenges confronting Africa with the potential to reverse significant gains in reducing poverty and to significantly stunt the continent’s economic growth and development, according to a report in All Africa.

Economies that depend heavily on agriculture, forestry, fisheries and tourism are threatened by climate change, said Tanzanian Vice President Mohamed Gharib Bilal. Bilal spoke Sunday at the African Economic Research Consortium’s Biannual Research Workshop in Arusha. The theme was Climate Change and Economic Development in Africa.

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