10 Of The World’s Most Exotic Pets

Written by Kao Cenderik


The pet industry has been expanding by leaps and bounds, hitting a record $81 billion in sales in recent years with pet owners paying for everything from pet magazines to pet yoga classes. The number of pets in China has reportedly grown by 28 percent in the last five years, and similar trends have been noted in Russia, India, and Mexico.

Though the attraction is universal, people of different cultures do have different tastes in pets. Dogs and cats are the most popular pets in North America, but in Japan, ferrets are among the most popular pets, and in Mexico, it’s the parakeet that gets the most attention. Among the hundreds of millions of pet owners worldwide, there are a huge number of exotic pets. Some are dangerous. What’s surprising is that some owners managed to domesticate these normally wild creatures – sort of. Check out these unusual pets.