CAR Rolls Out Successful Disarmament Drive

Written by Makula Dunbar

“We are satisfied. You see there are people with goodwill. It’s only 11:00 A.M and already you see they’re making gestures,” Prime Minister Andre Nzapayeke told CCTV Africa. “They’re coming here to get rid of these dangerous engines and to get rid of the grenades. As you see here, they are very dangerous, particularly to the youth and children.”

Central African Republic’s disarmament drive has been mildly successful, but hasn’t turned over as many weapons as desired. According to a CCTV Africa report, civilians agree that military weapons should not be in homes nor carried on the streets. Others are unhappy about the presence of the UN’s peacekeeping force. However, continued spats of violence — the root of the disarmament drive — will keep peace efforts going.