More Than 3.5 Million South Sudanese Facing Acute Famine

More Than 3.5 Million South Sudanese Facing Acute Famine


More than 3.5 million South Sudanese are facing a severe famine situation, aid agencies have warned. They said the current fragile ceasefire could help in relief efforts, but threats of return to violence could worsen the situation in the world’s youngest nation.

Wide spread ethnic violence between the two largest tribal groups, the Dinka and Nuer, since December 2013 has led to more than one million people fleeing their homes. Millions are now facing an acute shortage of food and with the civil war between government and rebels ongoing.

Aid agencies say their effort to distribute relief food are likely to be limited to safe areas.

Reuters reported that donors had pledged more than $600 million in May to help avert a crisis which aid agencies said could be the biggest since the 1984 Ethiopian famine, with 3.5 million people already suffering from acute or emergency-level food shortages.