For China, Angola Is A Priority, Brookings Institute

For China, Angola Is A Priority, Brookings Institute

From Macau Hub

Angola is one of the priority countries for China in Africa, where it will continue to focus over the next few years, according to US research organization Brookings.

In its recent report “Africa in China’s Foreign Policy,” published by Brookings, analyst Yun Sun noted increased investment in training African human resources and social responsibility programmes in Africa as signs of continuing interest in the continent.

“Over the next few years, China’s involvement in Africa should increase,” the analyst said, forecasting that the current system will be “updated by adopting faster solutions for some social problems.”

According to the report to which Macauhub had access, “China’s economic activities are at an unprecedented level,” which also brings challenges.

According to Yun Sun, the relationship needs to undergo more in-depth strategic reconsideration, as it is now a priority to have access to African natural resources and to its growing markets in order to stimulate Chinese economic growth.

As Angola is China’s largest oil supplier, alongside Sudan, the study focuses on the role of the Portuguese-speaking country as one of China’s main partners in Africa.

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