Singapore to Create ICT, Business Partnerships in Botswana

Singapore to Create ICT, Business Partnerships in Botswana

Written by John ChuruFrom Biz Tech Africa

A Singaporean business delegation has visited Botswana to pursue possible partnerships with local Information Communication Technology (ICT) companies.

The Singaporean delegation, comprising of representatives of nine ICT companies presented various solutions for the private and public sector at a four day conference facilitated by the country’s government agency at Lansmore Hotel.

“International Enterprise Singapore is a government agency whose main task is to drive Singapore’s external economy by helping Singaporean companies do business overseas. We do this by forming partnerships with countries where Singaporean companies go to do business in order to keep the costs low and create jobs.

We are hoping that the nine companies all of which have unique different solutions they have been implementing in Singapore and other countries will find partners and opportunities within Botswana’s ICT sector,” said Daniel Seah, the Centre Director for IE Overseas’ Johannesburg office.

Seah also said unlike Botswana, many African countries were not concerned about ranking in terms of competitiveness.

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