Oluchi Enuha of iROKO Partners Talks Tech Evolution, Product Management [Part 1 of 3]

Written by Makula Dunbar


Former iROKO Partners business development head — now vice president of monetization — Oluchi Enuha recently sat down with AFKInsider to share how his role contributes to the growth of the online music and movie company. In part one of the interview, Ehuha talks about the culture of online content, managing the evolution of technology as well as product management.

“With business in general, I’d say at this moment and time, the most consistent issues we have to deal with are product based. That really has to do with technology. New technologies evolve all the time, so you always have to keep up to pace with how you’re distributing content online and what kind of payment platform you’re using to allow people to access your site,” he said.

“It’s not essentially business, but the most consistent things I have to deal with are more product management focused. That is contacting third parties that provide these services that we can use to optimize our revenue.”