Transforming Africa means Creating Greener, Climate-Resilient Continent

Written by Dana Sanchez

From EcoSeed.

In Morocco, the world’s largest concentrated solar power plant is about to come online with  500-megawatt capacity, providing power to 1.5 million people.

In Kenya, a 400-megawatt geothermal plant is set to supply power to 84 percent of the country’s residents currently without access to electricity.

And also in Morocco, a wind-hydro rural electrification program will provide power to 86,000 households in Morocco’s most remote areas.

These are all  infrastructure developments projects of African Development Bank which focus on the sustainable use of natural resources, including renewables intended for clean electricity production.

In its 10-year strategy for 2013-2022, the bank focuses on two objectives to bring about transformation in Africa: inclusive growth and green growth.

Transforming Africa means creating a climate-resilient and greener continent, according to the bank’s Energy, Environment and Climate Change Department.

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