South Africa´s ANC Benefitting From Zulu Support

South Africa´s ANC Benefitting From Zulu Support

The troubled African National Congress has found its sweet spot. Recently the ruling party has been focusing on wooing the Zulu vote.And it has paid off. By most projections, if the ANC keeps its 65-percent majority in South Africa’s May 7 election, it will be in large part due to rural ethnic Zulu voters.

The ANC has developed various Zulu provinces and in the process undermined its ival Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP), which was once the regional political force.

“The IFP’s decline has accelerated under President Jacob Zuma, a 72-year-old Zulu with a rural upbringing and firm beliefs in traditional practices such as polygamy,” reports Yahoo News.

The Zulus remain South Africa’s largest ethnic group. The Zulus account for 28 percent of the country´s 53 million people.

And the Zulus have benefitted under Zuma´s rule. “Between 2001 and 2011, the number of brick houses in the old KwaZulu homeland more than doubled to 480,000, while in the Eastern Cape homeland areas the figure only rose a third,” reports Yahoo News.