U.S. Presses South Sudan´s Warring Leaders To Talk

U.S. Presses South Sudan´s Warring Leaders To Talk

The United States wants the warring leaders of  South Sudan to talk and is strongly urging them to set a date for face-to-face talks. The U.S. is also urging the UN Security Council to consider sanctions to stop attacks on civilians.
During a visit to South Sudan, Secretary of State John Kerry said that President Salva Kiir and rebel commander Riek Machar were both committed to holding direct talks.

“Salva Kiir has said he will meet directly with former vice president Machar,” US ambassador Samantha Power told UN Security Council talks on the four-month-old conflict.

“We heard many promises from South Sudanese leaders before without follow-up… We hope for the sake of the people of South Sudan that this time it is different,” she added.

“We urge President Kiir and former vice president Machar to swiftly agree on a date for face-to-face talks.”

“The conflict started on December 15 with Kiir accusing Machar of attempting a coup. Machar launched a rebellion, insisting that Kiir had attempted to carry out a bloody purge of his rivals,” reports Business Standard.