Who Is Really In Control Of Nigeria?

Written by Dana Sanchez

Recently claiming the spot as the top economy in Africa, Nigeria is the continent’s most populous country, but a recent spate of violence raises questions about the government’s ability to provide security, FinancialTimes reports.

There’s insurrection in the north known as boko haram, relgious and ethnic conflict in the middle where Muslim herdsmen and Christian farmers are colliding and in the south, potential for a low-level insurrections in the oil patch to flair up again.

Economic growth has not translated into security in Nigeria.

There are too many private jets on the runway and too few children in schools, says John
Campbell, former ambassador to Nigeria and senior Africa fellow for the Council on Foreign relations.

The government is perceived as predominantly Christian, predominantly southern, and the north feels increasingly politically isolated and marginalized, Campbell told FinancialTimes.

Who is really in control of Nigeria? To figure out what is really going on, you’ll have to look at individual Nigerian states as the country heads into elections in 2015, FinancialTimes reports.