China Pushing Satellite Technology For Developing Countries In Africa

China Pushing Satellite Technology For Developing Countries In Africa

From Global Times.

China sees a niche in the development of satellite technology, which is says is particularly suited for African countries with their vast distances and untamed terrain, according to a report in Beijing-based Global Times.

A “high-powered Chinese business delegation” visited Johannesburg for the two-day SatCom Africa 2013 Conference Wednesday, according to the report.

Africa-China business partnerships will play a big role in job creation in many Africa countries, said Bourne Wang, overseas sales manager for Hengxin Technology Co., at the conference.

The article quotes the Massachusetts Institute of Technology saying that satellite technology in the areas of remote sensing, communication, and navigation can provide valuable information in a number of areas from business to disaster management to agriculture. “There is great potential for such technology to help solve problems in developing countries. Unfortunately, due to lack of funds, expertise, equipment or awareness, Africa and other developing countries are not using satellite technology to its full potential,” the unnamed MIT source says in the report.

“Africa still has a gap in this sector,” said Anna Zeng, overseas sales manager for Kinka Group Co. “We see big opportunities in satellite technology development.”

Satellite is unrivaled in terms of quality, choice and reach, and maintains the same quality, no matter where the customer is – in a remote village or a major city – said Ibrahima Guimba-Saidou. “It is the key to unlocking the broadband immense benefits which will transform the African socio-economy, and enhance considerably education, health and e-government as well as commerce.”

Africa should encourage foreign investment to develop satellite technology, said Islan Zhou, sales manager for Shenhen Skyworth Digital Technology Co., at the conference.

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