How Do You Test For Ebola? Very Very Carefully

How Do You Test For Ebola? Very Very Carefully


U.S. TV personality Dr. Sanjay Gupta reports from Conakry, Guinea, on the dangers of testing for ebola, the virus that has claimed 130 lives in Africa including 14
healthcare workers, according to reports by CNN and Reuters.

Simply getting the blood samples is a life-threatening job, Gupta reports. World Health Organization workers each don layer upon layer of gowns, three pairs of gloves, boots, impermeable suits — nothing in, nothing out, Gupta said.

Even a drop of the ebola virus that gets through a break in the skin can infect you, and we all have breaks in the skin, Gupta said.

A few years ago, being able to test for ebola on its home turf would have been impossible. Pathogens had to be flown to the Centers For Disease Control in Atlanta. Pilots sometimes refused to transport the virus.

Now the virus can tested in makeshift tent labs onsite in Guinea and other African countries where outbreaks have occurred.