Uganda’s Cotton Sector in Need of Export Boost

Uganda’s Cotton Sector in Need of Export Boost

Due to restrictions within Uganda’s cotton sector, both production and quality has suffered, a New Vision report noted. Now, at the discretion of ministers representing the Ninth World Trade Organization Ministerial Conference, steps to make improvements are underway.

According to New Vision, the country’s cotton exports earnings experienced a 58.6 percent dip last year — a result of falls in the quantity of cotton being shipped. At one point, Uganda was a cotton exportation leader.

Ministers recently held a meeting and have suggested that the cotton sector attain a boost via heightening exports and seeking funding which extends to lifting the potential of the World Trade Organization’s Least Developed Countries (LDC).

“In this meeting ministers agreed that since sector in Uganda would be supported if possible with a fund to improve the production capacity and quality controls to gain a guaranteed market among LDC members and beyond,” Amelia Kyambadde, minister of trade, industry and cooperatives said in the report.

“Since we are the chairing WTO this year, we shall make sure that the agreement is implemented so that we can earn as a country more from cotton exports just like other crops.”

Other barriers, such as commodity market access, will have to removed in order for the sector to bounce back.

Just two years ago, export earnings reached an impressive $76 million. In 2013, earnings were less than half of the previous year pulling in $31.42 million.