Claudine Moore on Africa’s PR Opportunities, Strategies [Part 2 of 3]

Written by Makula Dunbar


Founder and managing director of international public relations firm C. Moore Media, Claudine Moore recently sat down to speak with AFKInsider about her background, involvement in Social Media Week Lagos and Africa’s PR landscape. In part two of the interview, Moore talks about opportunities in Africa’s public relations industry as well as PR strategies used on the continent.

“The PR opportunities really are a reflection of the opportunities that exist on the continent as a whole; there are opportunities across diverse industries, whether in ranges from food and beverage, fashion, automotive to agriculture,” she said.

“Print is still king in many parts of the continent — newspapers of course and magazines — are still a very popular medium as is radio. Not everybody has a smartphone, not everybody is online…[In the U.S.] you may have a heavier emphasis on social media and digital platforms.”