280MW of Green Energy to Boost Kenya’s Power Grid

280MW of Green Energy to Boost Kenya’s Power Grid

Written by Porf. Dr. Wolfgang H. Thome | From eTurbo News

Kenya will progressively get another 280 MW to feed the electricity starved country, as the latest of the geo thermal plants at Olkaria, located at the foot of Mt. Longonot in the Great African Rift Valley, started coming on line over the weekend.

An initial 70 MW will be followed by a further 70 MW in April, when all the connections to the national power grid have been completed before the full production capacity can then enter the national power distribution network.

For long has Kenya depended on hydroelectric power plants but the constant cycle of drought and excess rains has made power production less reliable and when the water levels in the dams dropped during drought cycles, the country suffered rolling blackouts.

Geothermal energy production is one of the focal points to increase power generation output in Kenya and with additional sites already identified, more such plants will be commissioned over the coming years.

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