10 Absurd Nkandla Upgrades President Zuma Made With State Money

Written by Keren Mikva

When it came to light in late 2013 that South African President Jacob Zuma may have inappropriately used state funds for home improvements, citizens were angry, and demanded answers. A watchdog agency delved further into the controversy, and found that nearly $23 million of improvements were made to his home in Nkandla in KwaZulu-Natal Province in order to “enhance presidential security” (the original estimate for the project was $6 million). The majority of these funds were diverted from the Department of Public Works, originally set aside for inner-city regeneration projects and critical service delivery programs. Here’s a sampling of 10 absurd Nkandla upgrades President Zuma made to his home with state money in the name of security.

For perspective, President Nelson Mandela made approximately $3 million of security improvements using state funds and President F.W. President de Klerk used a little more than $22,000.

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