Report: How Kenya’s Listed Companies Are Underutilizing Social Media

Report: How Kenya’s Listed Companies Are Underutilizing Social Media

Written by Semaj ItosnoFrom Biz Tech Africa

Most listed companies in Kenya are under exploiting the power of social media, a new report indicates.

However, companies are embracing social media more and more, following potential customers who are now spending more and more time online.

Dubbed Social Media Report 2014, the report by digital marketing firm Interactive Concepts reveals that the Twitter accounts of most companies lack personalised profiles and have outdated tweets.

The same applies to LinkedIn platform and YouTube, where most companies have not bothered to upload their company logos or to optimise their pages.

According to the report, banks are using LinkedIn for careers but the other sectors are yet to utilise it fully. However, banks seem not to have embraced google plus, which is increasingly gaining popularity amongst individuals and media outlets.

“Most google plus (G+) pages lack company logos, have outdated or no posts and are badly optimised,” the report reads in part.

Despite video being so powerful some companies are yet to embrace YouTube, which is a free platform for sharing videos.

Most companies with presence on YouTube either have very outdated channels or lots of their videos are not in channels.

Worse still these companies have not provided their YouTube account links on their websites to direct visitors to their videos.

The report also reveals that most corporates are yet to embrace blogging either due to lack of understanding, inadequate resources or lack of content plan.

The report reveals that platform-specific strategy seem to be seriously lacking from many social media account. Content plans are also lacking meaning the corporates still got ground to cover to realize the full benefits of the social media platforms.

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