Internet Currency Helps Kenyan Aid Agency Build Wells

Internet Currency Helps Kenyan Aid Agency Build Wells

From CIO East Africa via AllAfrica

Dogecoin, a Litecoin-derived crypto currency, just assisted Kenya in building wells. This was done through Doge4Water, a charity set up to help people in Kenya get clean drinking water.

One of Dogecoin’s community members donated 14 million Dogecoins (worth about US $ 11,000 when exchanged) this see’s a record being broken, as the tweet is the most money ever donated or sent directly via a tweet, the Dogecoins will then be converted into real money, and that money will be used to build new wells.

The person who donated the money seems to not be in search of fame as he/she chose to stay anonymous, only going by the twitter handle ‘@savethemhood’. That being said, the person’s contribution helped the cause immensely by assisting Doge4Water to get to its initial target of 40 million Dogecoins (US $ 30,000). The targeted day for this goal to be reached was on the March 22, but due to the sizeable donation the charity met the target with a week to spare this was also made possible as, other members of the Dogecoin community had already made more than 4,000 donations totaling to 26 million Dogecoins (equivalent to more than $20,000).

The campaign was initiated by Eric Nakagwa, a member of the Dogecoin Foundation.

Written by Baraka Jefwa | Read more at AllAfrica