Slow Constitution Review Process Disappoints in Zambia

Written by Makula Dunbar

“Overwhelmingly the people have spoken, so why stop them? Because we know the current constitution is faulty. And that was acknowledged by the president himself [and] by the Patriotic Front,” Beatrice Grillo, Non Governmental Organisation Coordinating Council chairperson told CCTV Africa.

Ordinary Zambians — and those connected to government — are becoming frustrated at the new constitution’s delay. According to the report, the new draft, which was supposed to be written by a special committee has yet to be presented.

Rumors of a proposal to limit presidential powers has also been circulating, according to CCTV Africa. In the meantime, officials say that basic civil liberties are being withheld from citizens. President Michael Sata has been promising a new constitution since winning the fall 2011 election.