Côte d’Ivoire Will Help Cape Verde Enter ECOWAS

Côte d’Ivoire Will Help Cape Verde Enter ECOWAS

From Asemana

Côte d’Ivoire will help Cape Verde improve its integration in the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), the former country’s Minister of Foreign Relations has promised. Charles Koffi Diby spoke to the press this Tuesday following a ceremony in which a protocol was signed in the area of tourism and a memorandum of understanding was signed between the two counties’ foreign ministries.

“Cape Verde has a number of specificities, it is the only island country in West Africa, and we’re going to help it to increase its integration in the sub-region. We’re now going to study how to do diversify our bilateral relations,” promised Diby.

The support announced by Côte d’Ivoire to help Cape Verde improve its integration in the ECOWAS is one of the results of this three-day visit that further strengthened bilateral relations between the two countries. On Tuesday two accords were signed calling for the countries to assist each other in areas as diverse as tourism and fishing.

Bilateral relations are also expected to be expanded in the areas of electronic governance and renewable energies. “These are sectors that are very developed in Cape Verde and are a good example for the enhancement of relations, which will not, however, be limited to these two areas. There is much to be explored,” stressed Koffi Diby.

In Diby’s view, Cape Verde is an example in the promotion of development in Africa, thanks to its political stability and social and economic progress. “Cape Verde has very interesting macro-economic indicators, with good levels of growth and low inflation, and a Gross Domestic Product whose growth is greater than that of the population. South-south cooperation must be sped up. This is the path to follow,” he affirmed.