Africa In The US: A Little Piece Of Ethiopia In Washington DC

Written by Kevin Mwanza

The Queen of Sheba restaurant in the North West center of Washington DC is a little piece of Ethiopia that gives its visitors and diasporians the feel and taste of the horn of Africa country away home.

Run by Nigisti Gabreyesus, the Queen of Sheba restaurant mainly serve fresh organic foods flown in from the east African nation with a deep historic heritage and is run as a small family business.

“You have to like the job. You have to like everything about it. The long hours, the demand could be slow, could be busy. It is our tradition to welcome visitors with this kind of coffee burning ceremony,” Gabreyesus, who was born in Ethiopia, raised in Sudan but now calls Washington DC home, told VOA’s Straight Talk Africa.

“I hope one day we are able to come to Ethiopia and expand our business. People love it here and we hope as long as they love it we will be in business.”