Risky Positions: Candace Owens Loses Employment After Showing Sympathy For Palestinians

Risky Positions: Candace Owens Loses Employment After Showing Sympathy For Palestinians


Candace Owens, photo via Instagram

Conservative firebrand Candace Owens and the Daily Wire have parted ways, marking the end of a chapter in her career as a commentator. The announcement came amid escalating controversy surrounding Owens’ stance on the Israel-Hamas conflict and comments about Jewish people in politics and media.

In a social media post on March 22, Daily Wire co-founder Jeremy Boreing confirmed the split, stating, “Daily Wire and Candace Owens have ended their relationship.” This revelation followed weeks of speculation and murmurs surrounding the nature of Owens’ association with the conservative media outlet, whose other co-founder is Ben Shapiro.

Owens confirmed the news, posting “the rumors are true— I am finally free,” The Independent reported.

The fall-out was a long time coming. In November 2023, Owens tweeted about Israel’s war on Gaza, posting: “No government anywhere has a right to commit a genocide, ever. There is no justification for a genocide. I can’t believe this even needs to be said or is even considered the least bit controversial to state.”

Shapiro shot back in a video, saying Owens’ commentary on Israel’s war on Gaza was “disgraceful,” and accused her of “faux sophistication.”

Owens came back by writing about “political Jews” and a “very small ring of specific people who are using the fact that they are Jewish to shield themselves from any criticism.”

But the straw that seemed to cause the break finally was her liking an antisemitic social media post that asked right-wing pro-Israel rabbi Shmuley Boteach if he was “drunk on Christian blood again,” New Arab reported.

On top of this, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) recently spoke out on Owens’ alignment with white supremacist Nick Fuentes, who praised her rhetoric concerning Jews. Owens, however, dismissed these associations, asserting her right to voice dissenting opinions against what she perceives as unjust narratives.

“My crime, is that I do not believe that American taxpayers should have to pay for Israel’s wars or the wars of any other country. I will not change my mind. So the question is what will you do to me next? The world is watching,” Owens wrote in response to the ADL, The Hill reported.

But Owens isn’t alone, others have lost their jobs over having pro-Palestine stances and for not supporting Israel.

Candace Owens, photo via Instagram, https://www.instagram.com/p/CdHGf6vlljb/?hl=en