Doing Business In Francophone Africa

Doing Business In Francophone Africa


From How We Made It In Africa.

African French is the generic name for the varieties of French spoken by an estimated 115 million people in 31 African countries, also known as francophone Africa.

Francophone Africa is increasingly being viewed as a dynamic and exciting region to do business, according to professional services firm Ernst & Young.

Despite diversity, these countries have all experienced significant levels of growth over the past decade, Ernst & Young says.

France has traditionally been a major player in francophone African markets, according to an article in From How We Made It In Africa.

Abdoulaye Thiam, manager of DHL Express in Senegal, says that French companies are, however, mostly active in industries where France itself is strong.

French is the official language of Senegal. Business in Senegal slowed down in 2012 due to political turmoil but it is making steady progress, Thiam said in the report.

“Francophone Africa is moving, although not all countries are growing at the same speed because of political issues,” he said. “I’m really confident on the future of Senegal. People are more educated now, and they have better skills. People are now more focused on development in this part of the world.”

The best thing Senegal has going for it is the hospitality of its people, Thiam said. Senegal was recently ranked sixth friendliest country in the world, behind Austria and ahead of Portugal.

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“If you arrive in Senegal, you will be welcomed by the policemen, by the taxi drivers, by the people on the road, at the hotel. You will see that there is something different here in this country which we call teranga (‘hospitality’ in the local Wolof language). This is really in the DNA of the Senegalese people.”

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