DeepMind Co-Founder Mustafa Suleyman Warns: Artificial Intelligence Tools Are Fundamental ‘Labor Replacing’

DeepMind Co-Founder Mustafa Suleyman Warns: Artificial Intelligence Tools Are Fundamental ‘Labor Replacing’

Mustafa Suleyman

Photo: Mustafa Suleyman, YouTube screenshot, CNBC

In a recent video, Mustafa Suleyman, the co-founder of DeepMind and Inflection AI, issued a stark warning about the nature of artificial intelligence (AI) tools, characterizing them as fundamentally “labor replacing.” Suleyman, speaking at the World AI Forum meeting in Davos, which took place Jan. 15-19 in Davos-Knosters, Switzerland, emphasized that despite being in its infancy, the AI revolution is already underway, with significant implications for the future of work and society.

During an interview with CNBC at the event, Suleyman warned, “We have to think very hard how we integrate these tools because left completely to the market and to their own devices, these are fundamentally labor-replacing tools. They’ll augment us and make us smarter and more productive, but in the longer term, that’s the question.”

He later added, “We are just at the very beginning of this revolution. It’s two or three years old.”

DeepMind Technologies Limited, doing business as Google DeepMind, is a British-American artificial intelligence research laboratory, which serves as a subsidiary of Google. One of the world’s most successful AI companies, DeepMind was acquired by Google in 2014. At DeepMind, Mustafa was Head of Applied AI, leading teams to deploy cutting-edge AI systems in the health and energy sectors, as well as across many Google products. In 2019, Mustafa joined Google full-time as the VP of AI products & AI policy. Mustafa is a member of the Board of The Economist. Mustafa is also Senior Fellow at The Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, at Harvard’s Kennedy School, according to Inflection’s website.

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Inflection AI, Inc. is a tech company, founded in 2022, that has developed a machine learning and generative artificial intelligence hardware and apps.

Suleyman is also a venture partner at Greylock Partners and he has been at the forefront of AI innovation for years.

In his recent remarks, Suleyman outlined a vision for the future of AI beyond mere chatbots and generative models. He emphasized the transition towards interactive AI, where bots can execute tasks by leveraging other software and human collaboration, signaling a paradigm shift in AI capabilities.

Suleyman also stressed the importance of robust regulation to mitigate potential risks associated with AI deployment, according to Technology Review.

“We’ve regulated many things online, right? The amount of fraud and criminal activity online is minimal. We’ve done a pretty good job with spam. You know, in general, [the problem of] revenge porn has got better, even though that was in a bad place three to five years ago. It’s pretty difficult to find radicalization content or terrorist material online. It’s pretty difficult to buy weapons and drugs online,” he told the outlet.

From his early initiatives in launching DeepMind Health to his current endeavors at Inflection AI, Suleyman has championed the ethical and responsible development of AI tools.

Photo: Mustafa Suleyman, YouTube screenshot, CNBC, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Go_6UldZL50