Skeptics Mock Potential Trump VP Tim Scott Proposing To Girlfriend, During Election Season

Skeptics Mock Potential Trump VP Tim Scott Proposing To Girlfriend, During Election Season

Tim Scott

Photo via X/Twitter

Senator Tim Scott’s engagement to girlfriend, Mindy Noce, has sparked skepticism, especially given the timing during the election season. The 58-year-old lifelong bachelor, who recently dropped out of the presidential race as a GOP candidate and endorsed former President Donald Trump, proposed to Noce on the picturesque Kiawah Island beach in South Carolina.

Scott, known for his conservative values and Christian faith, described the proposal as one of the most exciting moments of his life, second only to his spiritual commitment. He met Noce, a mother of three and an interior designer, a year ago at church, where they bonded over Bible study, Scott told the Washington Post. Despite Scott’s previous reluctance to disclose details about his dating life, he called Noce his soul mate. Earlier in his career, he was a self-proclaimed 30-year-old virgin, The Daily Mail reported.

Prior to his revealing Noce, many questioned if he was gay, a suggestion Scott said was based in racism.

The couple plans to tie the knot later this year, The New York Post reported.

Many commented on the engagement on X/Twitter.

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Many wondered is the engagement news was planned as Scott is rumored as a possible VP pick for Trump.

“#TimScott: He proposed to his ‘Girlfriend,’ and she said yes. They’re really playing the long game, huh? No matter how bad he wants it, #Trump is not offering him that VP slot. He’s more delusional than #NikkiHaley if he really thinks he has a chance as Trump’s VP pick,” tweeted Brandon Boyd.

DL Hughley tweeted, “#TimScott just got engaged, he wants to be VP so bad he’s pretending to like women! #TeamDl”.

Reecie @BlackWomenViews tweeted, “Everyone who was mad and indignant that I said we don’t elect unmarried people to the WH…explain why lifelong bachelor Tim Scott just got engaged other than to bid for the VP slot?”

Others noted the Black Republican was now engaged to a white woman. “Tim Scott is pretending to be engaged to a white woman. Cuz he thinks that will make him more likeable amongst all of the old white racist republican voters?” asked CoffeyTimeNews in a tweet.

Michael Harriot tweeted, “Tim Scott would’ve given the keynote address at the National Conference of Fugitive Slave Catchers”

Photo via X/Twitter, https://twitter.com/votetimscott/status/1749265172789641363?s=20