Dr. Cornel West: Democratic Party Is Beyond Redemption, Bernie And AOC Are Window Dressing

Dr. Cornel West: Democratic Party Is Beyond Redemption, Bernie And AOC Are Window Dressing


Dr. Cornel West on Saturday, July 15, 2023, in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes)

Always outspoken scholar and activist Dr. Cornel West, who is running on the Green Party ticket in the 2024 election, recently had plenty to say about the Democrats, whom he has supported in the past.

Considered a third-party spoiler, West remarked that the Democratic party is “beyond redemption” and that progressives such as Senator Bernie Sanders and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are mere window dressing at this point, Fox News reported.

During Sanders runs for president in 2016 and 2020 West was a passionate supporter.

During an interview on Aug. 29 with The Hill’s “Rising,” West, 70, noted that Sanders’ recent argument that Biden represents progressives’ best hope to stave off authoritarianism wasn’t persuasive.

“I think that Brother Bernie’s being consistent. He has said that all along, and I can understand the argument. I think it’s a plausible argument. I just don’t think it’s a persuasive one,” West said. “I think that the argument he’s making means that there’s never any possibility for breaking from the corporate duopoly; there’s never any possibility of trying to speak to the needs of poor working people.”

West continued, “I think deep down in his heart he knows that the Democratic Party has no fundamental intention of speaking to the needs of poor people and working people. They are dominated by their corporate wing; they’re dominated by the militarists when it comes to foreign policy. He and [Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez] and the others are going to be, in a certain sense, window dressing.”

West stressed that he did not think the Democratic Party could be saved and that voters should be given an alternative to established parties.

“The Democratic Party is beyond redemption at this point when it comes to seriously speaking to the needs of poor and working people,” West noted. “The neofascism that’s escalating is predicated on the rottenness of a system in which the Democratic Party facilitates frustration and desperation because it can’t present an alternative. If America is not able to present an alternative to the Democratic Party, then we’re going to fascism.”

He still had good things to say about Sanders.

“Now, Brother Bernie understands that. Don’t get me wrong, he’s on my side in that sense. But at this particular historical moment, he’s on the side of the Democratic establishment rather than the critics of that establishment trying to generate an alternative,” said West, who first announced his candidacy in June, running originally for the People’s Party before switching to the Green Party.

Meanwhile, West recently confessed to owing roughly half a million dollars in back taxes to the Internal Revenue Service.

“When it comes to the taxes, that’s definitely true,” the Green Party presidential contender told host Tim Black, host of the YouTube show Tim Black TV, The Daily Beast reported.

“I’ve had waves of audits, waves of levies, waves of liens, and then the liabilities and the fees build up so you get in the black hole.”

According to West, he had “agreements” with the Internal Revenue Service to repay his debts. But he also suggested a racial element to reporting on his finances. “Especially on the chocolate side of town, they’re gonna find anything,” complained West, who resides in Princeton, New Jersey, which is nearly 83 percent white and Asian-American.”

Scholar and activist Dr. Cornel West, who is running for U.S. president as a third-party candidate in 2024, gives the keynote address at the “#BLM Turns 10 People’s Justice Festival” on July 15, 2023, at the Leimert Park neighborhood in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes)