Akon Lighting Africa to Bring Electricity to One Million Homes in 2014

Akon Lighting Africa to Bring Electricity to One Million Homes in 2014

Senegalese-American pop and R&B singer Akon has taken on a mission to bring electricity to one million homes in Africa by the end of the year. His project titled “Akon Lighting Africa,” is supported by the group effort of Akon Corp, the GIVE1 PROJECT and Solektra International, a press release said.

Seeking to alter the fact that two-thirds of sub-Saharan Africa’s population — and 85 percent of rural Africa — are without or lacking access to electricity, Akon has begun a nine country tour to develop the project. Guinea Conakry, Congo, Ivory Coast and Mali are a few of the nations where meetings with heads of state have been discussed.

Thus far, Akon and his team have met with government officials in Senegal, Republic de Guinea, Burkina Faso, Sierra Leone and Gabon.

“We are extremely pleased by the overwhelmingly positive response of government leaders to embrace a public-private partnership that aims to address access to power in sub-Saharan Africa. This initiative is given further validity and momentum based on the support of these nations and their executives and advisors,” Akon said in the release.

NSIA Insurance and Banking along with Nigeria Sovereign Investment Agency are involved in supporting the financial and insurance aspects of the initiative, which will boost energy access through the use and instillation of solar equipment, the release noted.

“This initiative gives a unique opportunity to bring partners across the spectrum to address the most important needs to Africa’s development. All of us in the African diaspora can play a role in advancing the continent,” Thione Niang, Founder and President of the GIVE1 PROJECT added.

“Without electricity our children cannot study and our hospitals cannot function. The time is now and it’s up to us to make a lasting impact for a new Africa.”

According to the initiative’s website, the tour is also an effort to generate talks about the necessity of electricity. In addition, “Akon Lighting Akon” aims to eventually promote more sustainable infrastructure and development while creating jobs.