Jimmy Dore: The US War Machine, Military Industrial Complex is Running America, not Joe Biden

Jimmy Dore: The US War Machine, Military Industrial Complex is Running America, not Joe Biden


Photo by Joel Rivera-Camacho on Unsplash

Amid worries and warnings that the world is inching toward World War III, political commentator and comedian Jimmy Dore says nuclear football is not in President Joe Biden’s hands. Dore, who hosts “The Jimmy Dore Show” podcast, says the U.S. war machine and the military industrial complex are actually running the calls and America.

The nuclear football is actually a briefcase, the contents of which are to be used by the U.S. president to authorize a nuclear attack.

The military-industrial complex is described as a network of individuals and institutions involved in the production of weapons and military technologies.

Dore is a stand-up comedian, political commentator, conspiracy theorist, podcaster, and YouTube personality.

During an interview on Jan. 31 with Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson, Dore discussed the issue of a U.S. general predicting war with China. House Foreign Affairs Chairman McCaul also said recently that the odds are high there will be a China-Taiwan conflict by 2025, which most likely means U.S. involvement. Biden vowed early in his presidency to defend Taiwan against China if there is an armed conflict.

“What I think it means is the United States is trying to provoke and saber-rattle with a nuclear power. It is what we were supposed to be afraid would happen with Donald Trump. ‘He’s a crazy man with a finger on the nuclear button.’ Now we have demented Joe saber-rattling with two nuclear powers, and they get the corporate media sponsored by the military industrial complex to get Americans to cheer it on,” Dore said.

Dore pointed out that most Americans don’t understand the military’s influence on politics.

“Why do Americans cheer this on? Because they have no idea what is happening with their foreign policy. What is worse, they have no idea that they have no idea that they don’t have any idea what is happening with the foreign policy,” he said.

He continued, “Americans have no idea how corrupt our government is. They think our government is just regular corrupt, like Trump gave his kid a job, or Biden gave his kid a no-show job in Ukraine. That’s not — the whole thing is corrupt. The $800 billion-dollar military budget is $800 billion dollars of corruption.”

He added, “Why do we need to have 800-900 military bases around? We are provoking this war, just like we provoked a war in Ukraine. We’re now provoking a war with China.”

Dore went on to explain his theory on who benefits from the war machine.

“Who benefits? I’ll tell you right now, your enemy is not China or Russia. Your enemy is the military industrial complex fleecing this country to the tune of hundreds of billions and trillions of dollars. How many times will we have a defense secretary say, ‘Hey we can’t account for two trillion dollars in the Pentagon again.’ That has happened twice now in my lifetime.”

He went on, “People are being — the war machine can not be stopped. Who is running the country? The war machine. It certainly isn’t not Joe Biden making the decisions. I would like to know who is making the decisions.”

If Biden is marching toward another war, who is advising him? Some point to a secretive group of advisers from the WestExec Advisors group, which was co-founded in 2017 by Biden Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

WestExec Advisors is a consulting firm founded by Blinken, Michèle Flournoy, Sergio Aguirre, and Nitin Chadda, all former officials in the Barack Obama administration. While the company does not disclose all its clients’ identities, WestExec workers have included Lisa Monaco, current deputy attorney general; Robert O. Work, who served as the 32nd United States Deputy Secretary of Defense for both the Obama and Trump administrations from 2014 to 2017; Avril Haines, who currently serves as the director of national intelligence in the Biden administration; David S. Cohen, who has served as the deputy director of the Central Intelligence Agency since January 2021; and outgoing White House press secretary Jen Psaki.

Weapons makers work closely with the government–for a major profit.

Defense weapons manufacturer Raytheon Technologies Corp., for whom Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin once served as a board member, was awarded a contract worth as much as $2 billion to develop a new nuclear cruise missile in 2021.

The deal is the first major Biden administration move to replace the country’s aging nuclear arsenal, the Pentagon said in a statement.

The Air Force is expected to buy up to 1,000 long-range standoff weapons to replace the air-launched cruise missile first fielded in 1982, Bloomberg reported.

Activists like Martin Luther King warned against the war machine and spoke out against the military industrial complex.

“We feel that there must be some structural changes now, there must be a radical re-ordering of priorities… And I feel that this is only going to be done when enough people get together and express their determination through that togetherness and make it clear that we are not going to allow any military-industrial complex to control this country,” King said in 1968.

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