Killer Mike To ‘Woke And Broke’ Critics: I Never See Them Organizing In The Black Community, Doing Work

Killer Mike To ‘Woke And Broke’ Critics: I Never See Them Organizing In The Black Community, Doing Work

Killer Mike

Killer Mike of Run The Jewels performs at the Reading Music Festival, England, Sunday, Aug. 28, 2022. (Photo by Scott Garfitt/Invision/AP)

Killer Mike had time earlier this month when he called out his critics, who he says are all talk and no action.

The Atlanta MC and activist spoke about those he deemed members of the “woke and broke lynch mob” who often bash him but aren’t doing anything themselves to solve any of the issues and problems facing the Black community.

“Love and Respect brother. Glad u talking to the Woke and the Broke Lynch Mob: I refuse to even give ’em any attention becuz I never see them in the street actually doing the WORK!” Killer Mike tweeted on Tuesday, Jan. 3.

The Greenwood Bank co-founder commented in response to a snippet of a video from writer and content creator Omowale Afrika earlier in the day. Afrika expressed his frustration with people who constantly drag celebrities trying to bring about change but then expect the subjects of their ire to fund their ventures.

“What really frustrates me about some of the leftists, some of the Marxists and their positions on folks like Jay[-Z] or Killer Mike is like they’ll talk sh*t about these individuals, but they know that these individuals love Black people; so, therefore, they’ll go to them like, ‘Hey, can you fund this project, can you find this program,'” Afrika said.

“Killer Mike is cutting checks to so many different people in our community who need his support for their efforts, but at the same time, they’ll throw him under the bus,” Afrika continued. “It’s this energy that we have that poverty somehow makes us righteous. Like being in poverty and not acquiring wealth makes us more standup or more correct or more principled than somebody else, and I just, I really can’t respect that position.”

Killer Mike has been an outspoken advocate for Black people for years, using his wealth, fame and public platform to tackle many systemic issues that Black Americans face, including racism, police brutality and social equity.

Despite his continued efforts to help improve the plight of his people, Killer Mike has come under fire in the past for things like meeting with Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp.

Though he says he pays his critics no mind, it’s not the first time Killer Mike has called out those who disparage him as “woke and broke.” In Oct. 2022, he dropped a song and video called “Talk’n That Sh*t” in which he lyrically checks his haters.

“N*ggas talk to me about that woke a*s sh*t, the same n*ggas walkin’ on some broke a*s sh*t,” Mike opens the first verse. “What you see is a G and you envy that sh*t. I can see it in your eyes on that envious sh*t.”