Black America Condemns 21 Savage For Clubhouse Debate On Who Murders More Black Men

Black America Condemns 21 Savage For Clubhouse Debate On Who Murders More Black Men

21 Savage

21 Savage engages with his phone. (Instagram)

Many people are criticizing 21 Savage after the hip-hop artist got into a heated argument on Clubhouse with another man over who’s dropped the most bodies. Savage said his camp “smoked” dozens of “n*ggas” with no repercussions.

“You waited on this moment your whole life so you could argue with a n*gga on Clubhouse,” 21 Savage says in an audio clip of the exchange shared on social media. “You keep letting all these Chicago n*ggas boost your head up like y’all n*ggas ain’t dying in real life, man. Stop playing.”

After one man asked if Savage was saying his camp was “undefeated on that side” and “ain’t took no losses,” the “Spiral” MC got even more agitated.

“Man, every n*gga that we beef with n*gga, 30 of they n*ggas get smoked, n*gga and don’t nothing happen to us, n*gga. In real life, n*gga. This real life, n*gga,” he yelled in response. “Hey, look Cap, you from Chicago. I advise you to shut the f*ck up! … ‘Cause the n*ggas that I f*ck with up there spanking sh*t, so stop playing. … Y’all ain’t spanking nothing, n*gga.”

After some of the men were still contentious, Savage repeatedly told them, “You will die!” The audio was posted to Twitter by Milagro Gramz, who wrote, “21 Savage is back on Clubhouse talking entirely too much. What part of the game is this?!”

The argument did not go over well with many users on social media. Some condemned 21 Savage for bragging about murdering other Black men and called for a paradigm shift in modern hip-hop culture.

“When we got n*ggas on Clubhouse arguing about how many bodies they got, y’all should know that there’s a problem with the culture. That is a problem,” Kenjah King said in a video response to Savage’s argument. “Y’all n*ggas do understand that killing people is bad, right? We gotta stop giving clout to people that destroy our communities. … At the same time, y’all ignore anybody that has sense. Are y’all n*ggas dumb?”

Writer Lawrence Burney tweeted, “not gon lie, hearing 21 savage do all that on clubhouse made me extremely sad. we in a mental trap.”

Others said Savage gave law enforcement all the ammunition they needed to arrest him. Some of his fellow MCs also called out his rant dumb and dangerous.

“N*ggaz arguing over who killed the most n*ggaz on clubhouse lol,” Freddie Gibbs wrote with an embarrassed emoji. “I actually think that app was created by the police. Especially for Dumb MFs,” Ice T responded to Gibbs.

“The Atlanta prosecutor hearing this for there next Rico case,” @killsznnnn responded with a GIF of someone laughing saying, “We f*cking got him, right where we want him.”

“Fammmm…I can’t understand HOW or WHY someone would take the conversation that route on THAT app?!” @GrayRizzy wrote.

“These dudes are arguing about who kills more ‘nigg*rs,’” activist Nyhiem Way tweeted.


Charlamagne Tha God said 21 Savage should have “higher emotional intelligence” than he displayed during that argument.

“I got 500$ on his name being in the next Atlanta RICO,” @Big Rico88 responded.

The latter is a take crime journalist George Chidi – who’s been carefully following the Young Thug and YSL RICO case in Atlanta as well as other the murders of other rappers – agreed with.

“Rappers who think APD and the attorney general’s office don’t listen to Clubhouse are talking in a public forum on recorded audio about committing murders,” Chidi tweeted along with a clip of Savage’s audio. “Gentlemen. Stop living in a Key & Peele sketch.”