Ghana Partners With Morocco Company to Build Affordable Housing

Ghana Partners With Morocco Company to Build Affordable Housing

From Ghana Web

A reputable construction company Addoha group of the Kingdom of Morocco is set to partner the government of Ghana fulfill its manifesto promise of constructing ten thousand affordable housing units for the people of Ghana.

The chief executive officer (CEO) of Addoha Construction Company Mr. Anas Sefrioui and his entourage will be in Ghana on Thursday to discuss with president Mahama and other senior members of government including public and private partners, the implementation of the affordable housing scheme, in fulfillment of governments promise to provide shelter to disadvantaged Ghanaians.

Undiluted information from the grapevine emanating from the office of the Moroccan embassy in Ghana points to the fact that Addoha construction company is coming to Ghana to create a practical presence by assisting government fulfill its in the housing sector, open a cement factory in the western region and also establish a bank (wafa Tijari)in Ghana.

Development in Africa

The Addoha group has consolidated its leadership in Africa by signing four agreements for the development of real estate projects an initial consistency over 6000 low cost housing in Cote d’voire, Cameroon, Guinea and Congo Brazzaville. The first land acquisitions were completed in 2012.

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