Comedian TikTok Star Boogie B Killed By Stray Bullet In New Orleans Helping Grandmother Shop For Groceries

Comedian TikTok Star Boogie B Killed By Stray Bullet In New Orleans Helping Grandmother Shop For Groceries


Brandon "Boogie B" Montrell, Facebook

Popular TikTok star and comedian Brandon “Boogie B” Montrell was known on the social media platform for his “New Orleans Hood History” segments, where he gave historical insight into his hometown. On Dec. 23, while grocery shopping with his grandmother in the Crescent City, Montrell became a victim of the city’s gun violence.

Gun violence has New Orleans on track to become one of the nation’s deadliest cities per capita, according to the city’s Metropolitan Crime Commission. The number of shootings in New Orleans is up 104 percent through seven months this year compared to all of 2019. Homicide totals are up 139 percent, according to data in July.

“Violent crime in this city continues to outpace the nation on a per capita basis,” Rafael Goyeneche, president of the MCC, told Fox 8 Live. “It is really at a point that I haven’t seen in nearly 40 years that I’ve been here.”

Montrell, who had moved to Los Angeles and was visiting New Orleans for the Holiday weekend, was shot and killed by a stray bullet, his mother confirmed. The 43-year-old social media personality was killed while sitting in a car parked in the Rouses grocery store in the Warehouse District. He was waiting for his grandmother, who was inside the store shopping, The New York Post reported.

According to police, Montrell sustained multiple gunshot wounds to the body in the parking lot. He was pronounced dead on the scene around 4:07 p.m, WDSU reported.

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“My son was not just the victim of a stray bullet,” Sherilyn Price said in a statement obtained by Fox 8. “He’s the victim of decades of neglect that have left New Orleans’ youth with no hope for a future and with no real fear of consequences.”

She continued, “It’s past time for leaders in our city and all over to do their jobs. It matters who the president is, who the governor is, and who the mayor is. Leaders create opportunities – including the opportunity to live in peace without fear of random violence.”

The city tallied about 41 homicides per 100,000 residents.

The city’s Democratic mayor, Latoya Cantrell, is facing a recall effort over surging crime. Petitioners have until February 22, 2023, to collect 53,343 valid signatures in order to put the recall election on the ballot.

Montrell, who was scheduled to have a comedy show on Jan. 15, had more than 226,000 followers on TikTok and more than 109,000 followers on Instagram.

Brandon “Boogie B” Montrell, Facebook