Elected School Board Member Julius Muhammad Murdered Inside Home, Wanted To Bring Changes In Michigan School District

Elected School Board Member Julius Muhammad Murdered Inside Home, Wanted To Bring Changes In Michigan School District


Julius Muhammad (Photo: Facebook)

Community activist Julius Muhammad was newly elected to the Muskegon Heights Board of Education in Michigan. On Dec. 19, the 53-year-old Muhammad, who promised to bring change to the school district, answered his front door around 7:30 pm. Someone shot him in the head. He was transported to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

On Dec. 21, police made an arrest in connection with Muhammad’s murder.

Muskegon Heights is 34 miles from Grand Rapids, MI.

According to Muskegon Heights Police Chief Maurice Sain, police arrested a male suspect but declined to give further details or discuss any specific charges sought against the person, MLive reported.

Police had previously speculated that the shooting was not in connection to the November election of Muhammad to the Muskegon Heights Board of Education.

According to his next-door neighbor, Chad Levasseur, Muhammad was looking forward to his work on the school board.

“He was telling me he thinks that the school board is one of the most important positions that there is in elected office because education is the future,” Levasseur told Wood TV.

The school board sent out a statement.

“The Board of Education extends our condolences to Julius’s family, children, grandchildren, and all those he touched throughout his 53 years on earth. May they find peace together, as they remember the good works Julius did during his lifetime,” the board said in the statement. “Board of Education members were looking forward to working with him in the new year. He had a desire to serve the Muskegon Heights community and its children as a newly elected school board member,” the statement read.

Muskegon Heights schools are run by a private academy, governed by both an appointed and an elected school board.

Lately, the academy has been criticized for a lack of teachers, among other issues.

Muhammad had vowed to usher in change.

“To like target or take out somebody who’s actually out there trying to make things better for our community and for the future and the world, is just sad,” said Muhammad’s other neighbor Alexis Sanchez.

Julius Muhammad (Photo: Facebook, https://m.facebook.com/people/Julius-Muhammad/100083778094108/)