Charleston White: Rappers Have Had Free Reign To Destroy The Black Community, I’m Willing To Die A Martyr Over This

Charleston White: Rappers Have Had Free Reign To Destroy The Black Community, I’m Willing To Die A Martyr Over This


Charleston White, YouTube screenshot

YouTube influencer Charleston White continues his rant against rappers. 

When asked recently by YouTube show host Funny Marco why he is constantly attacking hip-hop artists and their music, White said the genre has led to the deaths of many artists, especially through drive-bys. He admitted he would support hip-hop artists if they changed their lyrics, addressing love instead of violence.

“If they change their lyrics…if I get every rapper to write a ‘dear mama’ song'” then he would support them, he told Funny Marco.

White blames hip-hop music for bringing down the Black community. “Rappers have had free reign to destroy the community,” he added.

White is a former teenage gang leader who reinvented himself after serving jail time. He gained popularity from his online attacks on various hip-hop artists, such as Soulja Boy, and violence within the hip-hop community. White, who often faces backlash for questionable statements and beliefs, is the founder and CEO of Helping Young People Excel (HYPE), an organization dedicated to educating teens and helping steer them away from turning to crime, The Sun reported. 

White also told Funny Marco he was willing to take on the rap community, even if it was dangerous. “I’m willing to be a martyr,” White declared.

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White has also taken on demonic, pro-death hip-hop.

During interviews earlier this year that were posted on the YouTube channel Say Cheese, White honed in on “evil” that he says is plaguing hip-hop. He declared, “I hate rappers; they always talk about killing” and not “enough about God.” They “promote nothing violence and killing,” he decried. One of the few artists he did have praise for was Lil Baby.

White’s passionate stance against hip-hop has gotten him in some hot water. Recently, during an interview, White pulled out a gun on an interviewer over a question about late Chicago-based artist King Von, whom White considered demonic. White later admitted the gun wasn’t real; it was fake.

White was being interviewed by Chicago’s DJ Univercity on Nov. 23 when he revealed he gave financial help to the mother of the late rapper FBG Duck, who was shot and killed in Chicago in August 2020.

DJ Univercity questioned why White had not helped the mothers of other deceased Chicago rappers, such as the family of King Von Hip Hop DX reported.

“I ain’t gotta do that! Y’all go do it! Chicago can suck my dick!” White snapped. “How you gon’ put that on me when y’all ain’t even done a little of what I’ve done! How you gonna dictate what I’m gonna do with my heart when you don’t even have in your heart to do it?

White added, “From the knowledge I got, King Von was a killer. My momma had two sons locked up for murder, and my momma let everybody know I’m not in agreement with what my sons done. So you can’t make me care about King Von momma, fuck that bitch! I don’t give a fuck about his momma!”

White then pulled out what appeared to be a gun as he exited the interview, but White later admitted the gun was not real.

“Say listen,” White said, Hot New Hip Hop reported. “That was not a real gun for one. That was one of them AR Soft pistols…Every time that camera come on, every time the audio come on, I’m playing.”

Charleston White, YouTube screenshot, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DmdFirPq5zA