Black America Speaks Out Over Alleged Murder of Shanquella Robinson During ‘Girls Trip’ in Cabo

Black America Speaks Out Over Alleged Murder of Shanquella Robinson During ‘Girls Trip’ in Cabo


Photo: Shanquella Robinson/Instagram

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has joined the investigation into the death of 25-year-old Shanquella Robinson, who was found dead with a broken neck in Mexico after her friends claimed she died from alcohol poisoning. Many are wondering if it was murder.

Robinson had arrived in Cabo, Mexico, on October 28 – the same day she left her Charlotte, North Carolina, home for a vacation with her friends.

Robinson’s friends claimed she died from alcohol poisoning, but the autopsy later revealed Robinson had a broken neck and a “crack” in her spinal cord at the time of her death.

“After they said it was alcohol poisoning, we received the autopsy report on Thursday, and it said that her neck had been broken and she had a back spasm,” Robinson’s parents told the Charlotte news outlet WBTV.

A disturbing video emerged allegedly showing Robinson “naked and defenseless” knocked to the floor as she is beaten by another girl in the hours leading up to her death. According to Rolling Stone, the video was first published by a North Carolina blog and that it “identified several friends they claimed were on the Cabo trip with Shanquella at the time of her death.”

In the video, an unidentified woman thought to be one of Robinson’s friends is seen beating another woman, suspected to be Robinson, inside the group’s Cabo rental property.

Robinson’s friends returned to Charlotte, leaving her body in Cabo; her family retrieved her body. 


People have been speaking out on social media about Robinson’s death, many expressing theories about the incident.

Some feel her death is being sensationalized.

Please stop sharing the #shanquellarobinson video. We do not need to see this young woman, or anyone, beaten to death. Think about her family and anyone who loved her. Think about what it means to be forced to see this type of violence. Let’s not normalize this type of evil,” tweeted Temple University Professor Marc Lamont Hill, host of BET News.

Of the video, BWChronicles tweeted, “She’s Completely Naked & This Male Is In There Recording Her Being Assaulted. I Can Guarantee You That Video Was Cut To Only Show What He Thought Was Funny. Extremely Disturbing!!! There’s Also Another Male Left In The Frame Watching Her BeiNg AttaCked. ARREST EVERYBODY”

“I’m wondering was she attacked during a sex act the reason why she is naked and the other girl is enraged. Maybe one of the guys was messing with both of them. Kinda looks like the attacker busted in the room with the others behind her recording,” Wankana Citizen suggested of the disturbing video footage.


Others are calling for people to stop spreading theories about her death.

“What happened to #ShanquellaRobinson was monstrous, and I hope she and her family get justice. Now, having said that… Certain elements in this case aren’t being addressed by people who would’ve published toxicity manifestos by now if circumstances were different.” journalist Torraine Walker tweeted.

Many find the behavior of Robinson’s friends suspicious.

“There’s a story about a 25 year old girl Shanquella Robinson that went to Mexico with a group of friends, and one of the girls on the trip beat her to death . Shanquella was literally naked and wouldn’t fight back . 5 other friends were there and did not intervene,” tweeted SlimeCita.


Photo: Shanquella Robinson/Instagram