Clarissa Rankin Built A Successful Trucking Business And 1M+ Tik Tok Followers Along The Way

Clarissa Rankin Built A Successful Trucking Business And 1M+ Tik Tok Followers Along The Way

Clarissa Rankin

Clarissa Rankin inside her truck, Sparkle. Courtesy of Clarissa Rankin.

Clarissa Rankin is proof positive that not only can women truck, they can do it exceptionally well. They can also build a following of nearly 2 million on TikTok in the process.

The 36-year-old wife and mother of two doubles as an entrepreneur and content creator who brings in six figures through her businesses, JC Rankins Transport and Owtspoken.

According to CNBC, Rankin made $144,208 last year hauling everything from diapers and televisions to canned goods. The Charlotte, North Carolina, resident said she loves breaking stereotypes about truckers.

“People always have this image in their mind of a truck driver being a man with a big old stomach, big old beard and wearing overalls,” Rankin told CNBC. “I love to get that expression on people’s faces like, ‘Can you really drive that?’ And I’m like, ‘Yes, I got this honey.’”

The company is a family business that Rankin and her husband, who also has experience working in the trucking industry, use to support their sons, 15-year-old Shermoan and 10-year-old Joleel.

Rankin became a woman trucker after failing to find work in the criminal justice field for which she went to school. She tried it at her husband’s suggestion but could’ve never imagined how much she’d fall in love with being on the open road.

She does it all her way without conforming to trucker stereotypes. Rankin goes to work in her big rig, which she named Sparkle, in full glam every morning. She aspires to be the first woman trucker to own a cosmetic line.

“I’m not just a trucker, I am a woman,” Rankin told the Charlotte Observer, noting it sometimes stopped her from getting jobs. “I’m not, like, your everyday truck driver. I’m so girly. So I got turned down so many times.”

Her decision to be herself is paying off in cash through her TikTok videos. She made an additional $36,000 in 2021 on the platform.

“What I make in one 60-second video, I can make that a week in driving trucks,” Rankin said. “I break it down so people can see every aspect of my life, because I know that I can relate to so many people.”