Police Union Endorsed Wes Moore, Newly Elected Governor. Can Black Maryland Trust Him?

Police Union Endorsed Wes Moore, Newly Elected Governor. Can Black Maryland Trust Him?

Wes Moore

Maryland Gov.-elect Wes Moore speaks to supporters at an election night event in Baltimore, Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2022. (AP Photo/Bryan Woolston)

Wes Moore made history during Tuesday’s midterm elections when he became the first Black governor-elect of Maryland. He sailed to victory with over 60 percent of the vote.

Moore — an army veteran, former non-profit executive and author — was endorsed by the Maryland Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), former President Barack Obama, the Maryland State Education Association, and a slew of other organizations and individuals.

“He spoke to our delegation, and he was organic,” Maryland FOP President Clyde Boatwright said when explaining why they chose to back Moore over his opponent. “He clearly has, with his military background, a deep understanding for the needs of people that wear a uniform. He didn’t come in asking anything or offering anything. What both sides wanted was a partnership.”

Despite Moore’s victory and overwhelming support, some wonder where the rookie Democrat politician stands on issues specific to Black Americans including reparations.

According to some Twitter users, Moore has yet to state his official position on the matter and refused to answer whether he supports legislation that would establish a reparations commission in the state.

“His father is ADOS from Maryland. But, @iamwesmoore REFUSES to answer if he supports the Harriet Tubman Community Investment Act, which is our state’s reparations proposal currently in the state legislature,” @B1Republican tweeted.

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“Maryland Black voters vote for centrist democrats. Nothing progressive about them,” another Twitter user identified as Dave Jackson wrote. “They voted for a Wyt Republican instead of Ben Jealous in the last Gov election. Go figure. Wes Moore ain’t touching Reparations.”

Sponsored by Maryland Del. Wanika Fisher, the Harriet Tubman Community Investment Act says its intent is “to develop and administer a program to provide compensatory benefits to the descendants of individuals enslaved in the State; providing that any individual whose ancestors were enslaved in the State is eligible to receive certain benefits.”

Moore has not said whether he supports the legislation. Unity across Maryland residents has been a cornerstone of his campaign.

“When I look across this room tonight, what we see right here is we see Maryland. We see people from all backgrounds, from all walks of life, [and] from all income levels,” Moore said during his victory speech on Tuesday, Nov. 8. “We see teachers. We see small business owners. We see nurses. We see union members … All who lent your voices and also gave your votes to this campaign.”

“And who all said with a collective voice that our time is now. And what we’re seeing today is that in Maryland we can come together,” Moore continued. “We had one mission and Maryland, you showed tonight that if we stand divided, we cannot win — but if we stand united, we cannot lose.”

Moore’s campaign slogan was “leave no one behind” and some are hoping he’ll keep that promise – including by advocating for issues important to Black Americans.

We want to make sure he holds true to those values in office,” Larry Stafford, executive director of Progressive Maryland, said. “Our chief role in this election is to make sure that we demonstrate that progressive votes indeed matter.”

Moore’s campaign website lists “Unlocking Opportunities For Black Families” among his primary issues and highlights how he plans to help Maryland’s Black community.

“We know that issues affecting Black families are issues of childcare, Pre-K, healthcare, education, workforce development, college and career prep, public safety, transportation, climate, social justice, nutrition, and more. And we cannot unlock economic opportunities for Black families unless we address the systemic barriers that have locked so many out for so long,” the website states.

Some Twitter users criticized Moore’s “lift all boats” approach, saying it won’t help Black Americans specifically.

“So once again, something is SET ASIDE IN THE FORM OF CASH FOR NON-BLACK-AMERICANS, yet I’m supposed to give 2-f*cks about Wes Moore’s Bullsh*t “Black-Plan”!? For Black-Americans of Maryland,” @WilliamsWorks55 tweeted in response to a video claiming Chicago would allow illegal immigrants to apply for a Basic Income pilot. “When I wasted My Time yesterday going over his LIFT ALL BOATS, PEOPLE OF COLOR, CRAPFEST.”

“I live in MD, notice Wes Moore has an all people’s approach when it comes to black people, also didn’t say much about black home ownership, probably why I didn’t vote for him. Voting is an exchange not a gift,” another Twitter user @darsin37 wrote.

Others celebrated Moore’s victory and said they looked forward to seeing what he would do.

“Recovering from election madness? Here’s something to smile about – this week’s #BlackJoy from ‘round the web. Starting with a victory from #IceCold Alpha Phi Alpha member, Wes Moore – the next Governor of Maryland,” @BlackJoyReckon tweeted.


“And to @iamwesmoore Congratulations on being the first Black Governor of Maryland!!! I’m excited to see what you will do for our state,” Harry A. Dunn tweeted. “Let’s Go!!!”

PHOTO: Maryland Gov.-elect Wes Moore speaks to supporters at an election night event in Baltimore, Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2022. (AP Photo/Bryan Woolston)