Grassroots Tag Rugby Program Launches in Ghana

Grassroots Tag Rugby Program Launches in Ghana

In an effort to leave a lasting impression on youth, while inciting interest in the sport of Rugby, the Tag Rugby Trust (TRT) is working to implement a grassroots sports program in Ghana.

According to Ghana Web, the program aims to help develop poor regions, not only in Ghana, but around the world. Currently, eight schools in Ghana — with the help of TRT trainers and coaches — will participate in the grassroots initiative.

“We want to demonstrate to them that we have a way of breaking children into rugby where they are playing in a safe environment until they become adults; then they can play it in the contact form,” Ghana Rugby Association (GRA) president Gifty Elspeth Annan-Myers said in the report.

According to the Ghana Web, GRA approves of the grassroots approach and is working in conjunction with TRT to demystify the dangers of rugby.

“So, in this form, they are wearing safety belts which are handled by adults and it is pulled. So it is learning how to catch and handle a ball in a safe environment till you are old enough to play contact,” Annan-Myers added.

Rob Newman, a TRT trustee, noted that starting the program with youth will encourage continued participation and mastery of the sport. He believes the program has the potential to expand into addition Ghana schools.

“We do a lot of training so that we make a big impact and that when we leave the country, we have people here that know what they are doing and continue to play the game,” he said in the report.

“We know that eventually that will filter through to senior rugby; it is just laying a really solid foundation for the game.”