Dating Advice Expert Goes Viral After Identifying 4 Top Red Flags Men Notice In Women

Dating Advice Expert Goes Viral After Identifying 4 Top Red Flags Men Notice In Women


Relationship coach Asia E. Smith, TikTok screenshot

A woman on TikTok who claims to be a certified relationship coach has gone viral with her dating advice to women.

Asia E. Smith, who goes by the TikTok tag “itsasiaelaine” and says she is married, has 169,000 followers on the platform. Her latest video, “4 red Flags ALL Men Notice in Women,” has been viewed more than 939,000 times. The post has gone viral; it seems because its advice is similar to that of the late controversial dating coach Kevin Samuels, who some charged was a chauvinist. Samuels died in June suddenly from hypertension.

The four red flags that men notice in women, Smith said, are:

1. Nonreciprocal energy. “There is a difference between not trying too hard and not trying at all,” said Smith, noting that men want to see effort put into the relationship by women

2. Unreasonable financial expectations: “It’s become normal for a woman to ask a man to help pay for them to get their hair and nails done for a first date. Or to ask a man they barely know to help them with their bills,” said Smith, who pointed out such requests are a terrible idea.

“Feeling entitled to lavish treatment from a man you barely know is an extremely unrealistic expectation. Let me be clear. There’s nothing wrong to want a man who is financial stable, but no man wants to feel like your personal ATM.”

3. Immaturity/and uncontrolled emotion: Men don’t like “crazy acting” women, Smith said. “When good men get a sense of that behavior…they either stop taking you seriously from that point forward or they don’t tolerate it all together.” According to Smith, social media has been glamorizing this behavior in women, but it is a red flag.

“It comes across like a child who’s throwing a temper tantrum and not like a woman who wants to be taken seriously as an adult,” she stated.

4. No femininity. Smith said women who are too masculine are a turnoff for men. “Like it or not, men like feminine women,” she declared.

Relationship coach Asia E. Smith, TikTok screenshot, https://www.tiktok.com/@itsasiaelaine/video/7159288389882203434?is_copy_url=1&is_from_webapp=v1