White Man Yells At Cops ‘F*cking Piece Of Shit’ After Witnessing Cop Kill Black Teen

White Man Yells At Cops ‘F*cking Piece Of Shit’ After Witnessing Cop Kill Black Teen


Photo caption: Jaheim McMillan (Katrina Mateen/Family Photo) / Screenshot from bystander witness video

Fifteen-year-old Gulfport, Mississippi, teenager Jaheim McMillan was gunned down on Oct. 6 by police who were responding to a call about teens waving guns at motorists outside of a convenience store. McMillan was shot eight times, and the injuries left the Black teen brain dead. He was removed from life support a few days later.

bystander video showed that McMillan had stopped running from officers in a Family Dollar parking lot and was putting his hands up when police opened fire. In the video, several voices can be heard yelling at the officer who shot McMillan, with one repeatedly calling him a “piece of shit.” One alleged witness can be heard telling to an officer that the McMillan was shot “point blank” and that he had “nothing in his hands.” A white male at the scene can be heard yelling at the cops, “f*cking piece of shit.” 

The video was obtained by Benjamin Dixon, host of “The Benjamin Dixon Show” podcast, who posted it on social media. The show covers political and social issues. The author of the book “God is Not a Republican,” Dixon has 16 years of experience working with churches and ministries, according to his bio. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Economics, a master’s degree in Political Science with an emphasis in International Relations, and he is an International Development doctoral candidate.

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In addressing the shooting of McMillan, Gulfport Police Chief Adam Cooper said that the teen was holding and gun, and the policeman responded accordingly, Newsweek reported. During a press conference, Cooper said the officer who shot McMillan had ordered the teen to stop and drop his weapon.

“McMillan did not comply,” Cooper said. “McMillan turned his body and his weapon toward the officer. The officer fired at McMillan.”

Multiple eyewitness have told media outlets that McMillan was unarmed and that his hand were raised. The shooting sparked several local protests.

The unnamed Gulfport PD officer who shot McMillan has been placed on non-enforcement duties, according to Gulfport police.

Photo caption: Jaheim McMillan, 15, died after a Gulfport police officer shot him. (Katrina Mateen/Family Photo) / Screenshot from bystander witness video