Black America Condemns Pandering ‘No Voting, No Vucking’ Video Put Out By Dating App And Dems

Black America Condemns Pandering ‘No Voting, No Vucking’ Video Put Out By Dating App And Dems

No Voting No Vucking

Screenshot from BLK Dating

The BLK Dating app and some members of the Democratic Party have come under fire from many Black Americans for a “No Voting No Vucking” ad to get Black Americans to the voter booth. Critics say the video is insulting, tasteless and an indication of what Democrats really think about the Black community.

BLK dropped the video, which features rappers Saucy Santana and Trina, on Tuesday, Oct. 4. In the song, Santana sings on the hook, “No voting, no loving. No voting, no touching. No voting, no nothing. No voting, no vucking, No voting, no vucking.”

Santana also raps lyrics like “Wanna hit this booty, gotta do your civic duty;” and “If the coochie is the goal, go hit the polls, period.” 

Trina, who just received BET’s “I Am Hip Hop” Award, chimes in with lyrics including “If you want to ah, come before the deadline; come in the jacuzzi, gerrymander this coochie.” 

The video also depicts two young Black singles chatting though the app and ends with the implication they have sex after the man decides to vote.

A press release from BLK published on Black America Web says the purpose of the video is “to command a new generation of voters to shift the culture and make their voices heard.”

That’s not how many people received it. To say the ad didn’t go over well is an understatement. 

Many Twitter users called out former First Lady Michelle Obama and other celebrities attached to “When We All Vote” for being associated with the ad. The organization is listed along with BLK at the end of the video.

‘No Vucking, No Voting’ ad on t/Black dating app is by @WhenWeAllVote led by Michelle Obama Stephen Curry, Becky G, S.Gomez, Tom Hanks, H.E.R., Liza Koshy, J Lo, Lin Miranda, Janelle Monae, Chris Paul, Megan Rapinoe, Shonda Rhimes, Bretman Rock, Kerry Washington & Rita Wilson,” Tezlyn Figaro tweeted

“Black men want to discuss reparations, police accountability, systemic racism, and important issues, yet @WhenWeAllVote targeted us with “No Voting, No VUCKING!” They would NEVER target white voters with this disrespectful garbage,” Bishop Talbert Swan wrote and tagged Obama.

However, BLK said it was their ad and asked Figaro if she would remove her “misinformed tweet.”

A journalist also told Figaro her tweets were out of context. However, Figaro explained it was her opinion the onus still falls on When We All Vote because they approved their name to be associated with the video.

“Bottom line is if @WhenWeAllVote did not want to be affiliated with this then they should not have allowed their logo to be used,” Figaro said in a follow-up tweet. “Are you saying there is no approval process when working with partners? Perhaps they should contact them & tell them to make it clear to the public.”

Figaro wasn’t alone in her feelings of offense at the video.

“This is the most ridiculous & racist political propaganda I have ever seen by the racist democratic party,” Dr. Tommy Curry tweeted. “If Black America is not convinced of how white liberals think a/b Black males what other proof do you need?”

“And you’re proud of this?? You ought to be ashamed of this repugnant low brow $h!t You can’t bribe black people with casual sex in order to get them to vote,” @thatsjusmytude responded to BLK’s tweet to Figaro. “Where’s the promise of tangible policy? I’m so disgusted.”

“POLITICS: Instead of delivering tangible Black American policies the Democrats get rappers Saucy Santana and Trina to team up with a dating app to declare “if your partner isn’t voting, they don’t deserve no loving,” @JustMeDigi wrote.


“No voting. No Vucking This is exactly what they think of you,” @mickey_phoenix2 wrote. “They got a dude with BBL and Trina of all people to tell women if straight black men don’t vote don’t have sex with them. It’s time to drag all celebrities that push this crap for an election paycheck.”

“No disrespect to Saucy Santana or Trina, but this is really stupid. They(Democrats) don’t take the #BlackVote seriously if they think this is the way to get Black men to vote,” @MisterJF1989 tweeted. “No voting, no vucking is dumb as PETA telling women to deny sex to men who consume meat.”

“I have a theory as to why Dems released that voting ad with Trina and Saucy. But let me hush because it might start some shat,” Twitter user @ToniLaNae wrote.

“Saucy Santana & Trina makes a track to get black to vote. How come when it’s a message that they want to reach black people, it’s hyper sexualized,” @brokentraditi0n asked in a tweet.

“The buffoonery begins. These politicians really have no respect for black people,” @blakupinyah wrote.

PHOTO: Screenshot from BLK Dating