The True History Of The Five Percent Nation Of Gods And Earths Symbol And Flag With No. 7

The True History Of The Five Percent Nation Of Gods And Earths Symbol And Flag With No. 7


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The Five Percent Nation of Gods and Earths religious group has a distinctive flag that represents the organization. The Universal Flag is an important symbol for the group, which was founded by former Nation of Islam member Clarence 13X back in 1964.

There have been different reports about why Clarence 13X left the Nation of Islam. While he was an NOI member, he worshiped at the same Temple No. 7 where Malcolm X preached. Some say Clarence 13X become known as Allah, The Father.

The Universal Flag comes in various forms, but many seem to agree it was approved in 1967 in New York City, according to the Daysun Da God YouTube channel.

“This is when we see our flag first,” Daysun Da God said in the episode, “Understanding The Universal Flag of The Five Percenters.”

He noted that there are “eight points we notice around the outer part of the flag…these eight points going around, those eight points basically represent our eight lessons.”

According to Five Percent Media, the flag was designed by Universal Shaamgaud Allah, who presented it to Allah, The Father.

“The flag was completed in May 1966 … I took it to the Father in Mecca…” in April 1967,” Universal Shaamgaud wrote in an issue of The Sun Of Man. “He took one look at it and said, ‘That’s it! That’s Our Universal Flag!'”

Universal Shaamgaud went on the explain the design. “The seven has seven sides; it symbolizes the Original Man, the True and Living God, the Supreme Being, Almighty God ALLAH.”

He continued, “It shows a unification of Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding; Man, Woman, and Child. It shows the authority of ALLAH over the planets and Stars and the proper order of the Universe.”

The five-pointed star symbolizes Knowledge, the Crescent Moon symbolizes the Wisdom of the women (without child), said Universal Shaamgaud.

The flag’s crescent moon also symbolizes the “Divine Wisdom that was manifested by the honorable Elijah Muhammad and revealed to us by Almighty God Allah,” according to the Ancient Order of Free Asiatics Publishing Company.

The 7 is very important as it symbolizes the “male seed in full bloom; it shows that God must be the highest,” the Ancient Order of Free Asiatics Publishing Company explained. The color is also significant as the flag’s white background symbolizes the “white clouds of deception that have drowned our people in a sea of ignorance,” the Ancient Order pointed out.

And the cipher around the crescent star is Black, which is the “original color of the Sun (anything that burns that hot and that long cannot be yellow),” the Ancient Order reported.

The eight points of the symbol stand for the broad scope of the universe and they also represent the sun’s rays.

Nation of Gods and Earths do not seem to like it when non-members wear the symbol of the Universal Flag, as Jay-Z once did. He was photographed wearing a medallion sporting the flag.

“He’s disrespecting our flag because he’s not from our community. I never saw him in a cipher,” Understanding God Allah, aka Big Un, told The Amsterdam News. “If you proclaim that you’re God, and you’re righteous, you better know your lessons, or there were consequences. Many brothers knew—don’t become a 5 Percenter if you’re not going to study because we took it seriously back then.”

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