Jeffrey Manu of Light Creative On Africa’s Word-of-Mouth Marketing [Part 3 of 3]

Written by Makula Dunbar


Light Creative, a Ghana-based branding and creative design firm serving global start-ups, has edged toward focusing the majority of business on African companies. AFKInsider recently interviewed Jeffrey Manu, Light Creative founder, who spoke about branding — specific to Africa, projecting company values, managing capital and creative branding impact. Leaning on a background in advertising and tech, in part three of the interview, Manu speaks about the strength of word-of-mouth marketing, SME client building approaches and what you don’t know about creative branding in Africa.

“Back home social media works pretty well. And because we live in smaller cities than in other parts of the world, word-of-mouth spreads really fast,” Manu said of Africa’s storytelling-based advertising.

“One of the reasons for advertising or branding, or any kind of communication in the first place, is [for information] to spread [by] word-of-mouth. We tell stories, stories that other people can repeat.”

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