Artist Styles P Steps Into Paint As Good Samaritan After Police Confront Woman

Artist Styles P Steps Into Paint As Good Samaritan After Police Confront Woman

Styles P

Images: trendykulturee posted this video on Instagram.

Hip-hop artist Style P stepped in to aid a Black woman who was confronted in Yonkers, New York, by police. Video footage of the confrontation has gone viral.

The “I Get High” artist got his start in the mid-1990s with the group The Lox, with childhood friends Sheek Louch and Jadakiss. He also released a number of hits as a solo artist, including the single “Good Times” in 2002. 

In the July 12 video, a woman can be seen taken down to the ground by two police officers. Her apparent moped is seen laying on the ground near her, XXL reported There are some unconfirmed reports that she is a deliverer for UberEats.

Styles P is seen entering the scene. 

“Yo! He’s a b***h,” Styles P is heard telling one of the other officers standing around. Then he tells the woman filming the incident on her cell phone to keep recording.

“Yo, sista, loosen up,” he tells the woman being arrested in an attempt to deescalate the situation.

“You’s a f*****g h*e,” he tells one of the officers. “You a whole b***h.”

One of the officers stands up and begins to approach Styles P, who raises his hands and says, “I’mma back up. Don’t touch me.”

“Keep recording me,” Styles instructs the woman recording. “You slammed a girl! For no reason!” he then shouts at the officer, BET reported.

Styles P is being praised on social media for his actions.

“The Yonkers Police Department is aware of a video that surfaced on Social Media regarding an interaction between Yonkers Police Officers and members of the community,” the statement from the police stated. “The incident itself revolved around the arrest of an individual who fled from officers while she was being detained during an investigation into her reckless driving on an unregistered moped on a busy city sidewalk.” 

It continued, “After the individual attempted to flee, the officers caught up to her and attempted to restrain her. The individual continued to refuse to comply, at which time an officer utilized a standard take-down to bring her to the ground to be handcuffed. Subsequent to her arrest, a knife was recovered from an easily accessible front compartment on the moped.”

Images: trendykulturee posted this video on Instagram with the words “Share this video help it go viral police brutality in Yonkers while doing Uber attacked & assaulted @stylesp is for the community & people” https://www.instagram.com/p/Cf6led8jbdF/?utm_source=ig_embed&utm_campaign=embed_video_watch_again