Atlanta Pastor Jamal Bryant Joins in Smearing Kevin Samuels After He Passed Away, Accused of Spreading Misinformation

Atlanta Pastor Jamal Bryant Joins in Smearing Kevin Samuels After He Passed Away, Accused of Spreading Misinformation

Kevin Samuels

Photos: Left, Rev. Jamal Bryant introduces Democratic presidential candidate, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., in Baltimore, Dec. 8, 2015. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky) Right, Kevin Samuels (Facebook)

Since popular YouTuber Kevin Samuels died of cardiac arrest on May 5, people have been weighing in on his legacy. During a recent sermon on Mother’s Day, Senior Pastor Jamal Bryant of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Atlanta joined the camp of those who criticize Samuels’ brand of relationship advice.

Bryant threw shade at Samuels’ recent viral comments in which he described women over the age of 35 as “leftovers.” The well-known pastor also asked how Samuels could be seen as someone to take advice from when he had to use a fundraising campaign to pay for his funeral.

“You are listening to men who have no authority. How can a man say that you are of low value after 35? How can a man say that you do not have the level of traction of a high-powered man when that man has got to get a GoFundMe for his funeral,” Rev. Bryant said of Samuels in a clip that has gone viral on social media.

Bryant’s comments didn’t go over so well with many people who think the ongoing criticism of Samuels is insensitive to his family. His defenders included popular crooner Omarion and hip-hop icon T.I.

“It’s sad when people can’t respect ‘the family’ after losing a loved one. He’s no longer here. Why add insult to injury? What about the people that loved him- like his mom?” Omarion commented on an Instagram post from The Shade Room about Bryant’s comments.

“They gotta see this or hear about it. This is disgusting & wack asf. Regardless of his views, he didn’t kill nobody. We all need to have more compassion. This is why I don’t attend these ‘fake’ places of worship. Respectfully,” Omarion continued.

T.I. tweeted that he was tired of people bullying Samuels in death. “The sh*t is f**king a travesty of justice,” the rapper argued. “I can’t stand it, I can’t stand it. I ain’t gon’ let y’all bully this dead man. We gon’ let this man rest in peace.”

“Whatever he did, he did it and [he’s] gone. He got away with it, f**k ya. That’s between him and God. Him and the Lord gon’ have to deal with it. You ain’t got no heaven or hell to put him in,” T.I. continued. “I want to see who the f**k [wants] to say something to me, while I’m still alive.”

Others also expressed their disgust at Rev. Bryant’s comments, with some noting that he hasn’t been a shining example of how a man of God should behave himself.

“Opportunist & Democrat tap dancing celebrity in the pulpit — Paster Jamal Bryant – who can’t keep his Johnson in his pants – has fathered multiple children outside of his marriage – refuses to pay child support – continues to fornicate – has shade and lies – for Kevin Samuels,” @HarrietEve 9 tweeted.


“This is why the church is dying at a rapid pace.. people would rather do their gossiping at brunch rather than listening to community draining, self serving hypocrites like this,” @OfficialFBMA tweeted in response to the clip.

“Why he wait until he was dead to say something. That’s nasty asf,” @KrizKlazik tweeted.

“Church services are not lead by the spirit of God but what’s trending on social media,” @sirboring wrote.


“The Black Church started perishing at an alarming rate when preachers turned into social media influencers,” @JAYO718 wrote.

“Simpin in the pulpit….,” @RhondaRenee_81 tweeted.


“KS was their competition, so the black pastor is glad he’s gone,” @shoulders2968 chimed in. “There is video out there of JHB getting run off the block by some men in Baltimore, questioning his integrity.”

“If a pastor drags me from the pulpit after I die like Jamal Bryant did Kevin Samuels, I want y’all to fight him for me. Ya heard? Lol,” @MrBrustow tweeted.

“Pastor Jamal Bryant is the reason I don’t really believe in these pastors today. If I come to church I expect the word, not you talking down on Kevin Samuels having a gofund me for his funeral,” @nikosfiance chimed in. “Mad tacky for speaking on the dead or anyone in that matter in the “house of the Lord.”

Others defended Bryant, however.

“Why y’all mad at Jamal Bryant when the Bible says he’s right? Nowhere in the Word does it say a woman over 35 is no longer valuable. It says you are fearfully and wonderfully made,” @sjs856 wrote.

Another Twitter user, @JConn75, criticized Byrant, writing, “Grandstanding in the pulpit for a message at expense of someone who has expired is definitely weak AF,” but he also asked why Samuels needed the Go Fund Me if he was in fact a high value man.

“High value man should be prepared at all times. Including his final expenses….why wasn’t he being the man he spoke about? Instead he lived like a corner boy,” @JConn75 tweeted.

According to recent reports, Samuels’ family said the GoFundMe campaign was created by an imposter. Dr. Boyce Watkins elaborated on the reports and Samuels’ legacy.

In the original photos: Left: Rev. Jamal Bryant speaks at a news conference before introducing Democratic presidential candidate, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., in Baltimore, Dec. 8, 2015. Bryant led Sanders on a walking tour of Freddie Gray’s neighborhood and led a roundtable discussion between Sanders and African American civic and religious leaders. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky) Right: Kevin Samuels photo from his Facebook page.