Gambia, European Firms In Joint Agriculture Venture

Written by Ann Brown

From Capital FM

Gambia and European companies will join hands in multi-million-dollar projects to improve the West African country’s agriculture, energy and infrastructure sectors for economic growth, officials told Xinhua.

The projects are financed by the Dutcher Bank through the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

Gian Martin Balestrini, West African Constellation Program officer, said the program is based in Italy, but active in Africa and other part of the world for development.

“The program is in the Gambia to also partner with local entrepreneurs for socio-economic development,” Balestrini noted.

According to Bi Sainey Secka, a responsible person of the West African Constellation Program, the program will bring European companies and expertise to the country while applauding the enabling environment created by the government.

It will directly invest in agriculture, energy, food processing, construction and others sectors. It is also a source of employment as the program will depend on Gambians for labor. Local companies can also learn best practices from their European counterparts for sustainable development, officials said.

“The program will be merging Gambian entrepreneurs, emerging Gambian technical personnel and companies with not only Italians but European companies. The concept is also great as most of the people involved in work would be Gambians under supervision from their counterparts from European or where ever in the world.

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